01. The Results of a Controversial Approach


   It’s been just four years,
But how much everything has changed!
How fast your flower meadow has given us
   The results of a controversial approach!..

   Everything is so easy for you: with no fervor,
Each and every question is crystal clear,
And the terrestrial world is so perfectly beautiful,
   There’s no worry about the passing days

   And you know nothing about
Doubts, hesitation and shame,
And you know neither offence,
   Nor regrets for each decision

   And you seem to know the answer
To the questions we’ve been thinking about for our entire lives
But you’ve managed to ascend so fast!
   Should we really be trusting you?

And what about automation?.. It’s a natural process.
   And now it takes place across the entire planet!
So, does it turn out that the 100-year struggle was meaningless?
   All the revolutions, and the great victories?

But, maybe we do have a goal – the machine communism,
   And perhaps the labour is no longer what it used to be?
And our collectivism is just an atavism
   That exists only because of the underdeveloped production models?!