01. The Angel of New Life


   It has always seemed to me
   That our goal is clear
And we know what we’re searching for behind the threshold
   And a lie is justified, too,
   At times when we need it
For the sake of the sought-for results
   And with the help of people’s lives
   And the motives of their doings,
The destiny itself guides us to the goal
   So, how could it be that
   In fact, this very goal
Is now denied by our artificial god?

But you were
   To be our angel of new life
      The spring of yours
Has invited us
   To the sunrise of the upcoming days!..

It would have been strange
      To blame you now:
   You already know too much
But how can we follow
      This path without losses
   That are meant to happen, as you say?

   Life in our century isn’t simple
   It’s full of contradictions:
Sometimes, happiness is just an illusion,
   And probably, you will
   Give us illusions, too,
Leaving something important out of sight
   Because, if you are right
   And the technical progress
No longer needs our naïve aspirations,
   Then, now, our only goal
   Is a stupid satisfied society
Where most people are just consumers!

But you were
   To be our angel of new life
   The spring of yours
Has guided us
   To the dreams of our terrestrial path!..

And the day will come
      And you’ll suddenly
   Understand everything once again
And the day will come
      And we’ll tell ourselves:
   Our aspirations are worth it!