01. Unrealizable Path


What awaits us after life?
   Just a slow dream with no fantasies
Just a syncope, where there’s
   Neither happiness, nor tears.
And where the endless years
   Will pass in just a moment
Which even might not exist
   Here, in reality?

What, if we
      Will die because of our own aspirations,
   Will die because of our dream,
   That is running away from us just like horizon?
      Over and over again?

Shall we find
      The answer inside of ourselves, in this war?
   Shall we reach the end
   Of our unrealizable path
      In such terrestrial conditions?

Why do we value the world,
   What do we get from our feelings?
Because it doesn’t always seem
   To be like a wonderful dream.
Or, maybe, she is right:
   The meaning of everything is in happiness only,
And, if our world is just pain,
   It’s time to get rid of it?

What, if we
      Are searching for the secrets in places where there’s none?
   As for the questions “What is life?”
   And “what is its value?”,
      I was given a simple answer
But shall we find
      That illusive light in the dark?
   Shall we reach the end
   Of our unrealizable path
      In the haze of the upcoming years?

How am I supposed to believe
   That, from now on, I won’t see you again?
How could it even be
   That I’ll never ever see you again?!
It’s unlikely that
   I took that strange resemblance seriously back then
But I’ve fallen in love just like in a dream
   As if miracles really existed!

The heavy drops of rain
   Are falling down forming a single cold wall
And the train is quietly going further,
   Moving over the black magnet steel line
And the lights are flying
   Into the night in their mad race, and it doesn’t matter anymore
Why does this world around us exist
   Why we’ve even appeared there one day

The world that has pain
      No longer has the right to live as it did before:
   It has to become different,
   Or it’s not worth
      Keeping it alive.
The rain over earth
      Has washed away the dust of the past from our memory
   We shall reach the end
   Of our unrealizable path, no matter what
      The world has frozen in front of us…