01. To the Illusive Light

   Of the fading summer
Is lit by the twilight of dawn
   Just like if it was the shine of numerous stars
Flying through the images of my dreams again,
In the labyrinth of reveries,
   To the illusive light!

I return to that very day,
To the day when I saw you for the first time
   And suddenly realized:
The whole world
Just didn’t exist
   That very moment.

But, right now,
   There’s only a step between us,
And I feel
   I’m almost fainting.

That’s true,
   I don’t know what’s meant to happen,
   I don’t want this very moment to end,
I want it
   To last for centuries,
   In order to see that you exist in the world.

Oh, how badly
   I wanted to meet you,
Even though I knew
   It wasn’t supposed to happen at all:
You've always been
On a screen only, behind those microcircuits,
So far away, just like a star
   On the Milky Way.

Back then,
I had only one dream:
In that dream, strangely enough,
   We were together.
That dream
Completed the image of you,
And the screen was turned off
   By someone's gesture.

But this moment
   Is nothing like that, everything’s different!
That’s true, maybe,
   I don’t mean anything to you,

   The world exists only thanks to you,
Illuminating the skies with light
   In the dreams,
I am
   Just a grain of sand in eternity, but
For me,
   There’s no life
      Without you…

That’s it!
   The time has gone,
That moment is already in the past,
   And I’ll never see that dream again.
Is there anything I can do?:
You’re so far away!
   Time knows no mercy!..