01. The Encounter

[At the ExCom‘s cabinet]

Limaeva: … Good evening! …

Milinevsky: Yes… Please, take a sit!.. ..What can I say… You came to the stage, performed that song… And what’s next? Do you really think that’s going to work? I have a family, after all, and…
…By the way, don’t you know why your voice sounds familiar to me?

Limaeva: My… voice?

Milinevsky: Yes.
…Okay, nevermind… It’s probably nothing… You know… Stalin, Plotnikov, Romanov… Well, in fact, all of us received a certain number of love letters. And me, too. Even though, I think nobody did it in such a way before. Or, at least, I don’t know about it.
Well, actually, I liked your song. I really did. I guess a technician just couldn’t turn the sound off when he realized that it wasn’t… the right thing. How old are you?

Limaeva: I’m 16.

Milinevsky: Oh, right… You’re in the 11th grade already.
Alright… I’ve got to go now. There’s still a lot to do. Maybe, we’ll meet again later.

Limaeva: Meet… again?..

Milinevsky: Why not?

Limaeva: I… I’ll be waiting for you!.. I’ll be waiting for you…