01. Programmers

[At the control hall]

Milinevsky: Can she hear us talking?

The 1st programmer: No, not now.

Milinevsky: So..?

The 1st programmer: Well, comrade Sokolov did the most part…

Programmer Sokolov: She works just fine. Even though, we’ve never thought we’d have to enter the ideologic axioms manually, but there was no malfunctioning. At least, while you’ve been out. She does everything as usual.

Milinevsky: Well… That’s very good. I hope… But I have one more question. Why does she have a voice like that?

Programmer Sokolov: A voice like what?

Milinevsky: Well, in general… the way it is.

Programmer Sokolov: I think she modelled it herself, she seems to like this one. Of course, nobody voiced her intentionally…