01. The Winter


      In the dark of the night,
   Winter is floating over the sleeping earth city,
   And under the gray skies, just like a white smoke
      She came here too early
      As a result of a simple causality,
      Or was it our fate?..

And the world
      Is almost the same
   As it was yesterday and hundreds of years ago:
   Does it really care about just one dead garden?
      Among the numerous planets,
      It’s just one vanished trace
      In all the darkness of years?..

Maybe, we made a mistake
   In that blind race after the childhood dream
Maybe, we were born too late
   In this world, where there’s no direct path?..

      The world is dead.
   And now there’s no one to search for the guilty people…
   And now there’s nothing to ask the birds that fell down from the skies:
      Only the circumstances are to blame
      For everything that has turned into our destiny,
      This destiny…

And let
      Snow fall down like ash
   And bury those dreams of the burnt-out years,
   Sweeping away the fake glitter of victories that now seem so ridiculous,
      And all the unfulfilled hopes of humanity,
      And those vague images of the night,
      The empty ones…

Maybe everything will happen again
   Maybe it won’t be as tragic as it is now
The birds will fly in the sky again
   But this world is no longer for us:

We hurried so much and made a mistake
   In that blind race after the childhood dream
We’ve vanished inside of it, for keeps,
   In that white fire, behind the snow line…