01. The Dogma


We firmly believe that we always
   Discover the truth through our own experience.
It is understood with the help of reason,
   And then the results are compiled.

And, of course, there’s no reason
   To burden a computer with ideology while building it:
It will calculate all the truths
   That exist within reason anyway, right?

But if the machine’s perfect brain
   Has rejected some parts
Of the great doctrine, and,
   Probably, questioned it as a whole,

Then, the one who firmly believes in those ideas
   Won’t be afraid of that digital deity at all,
They are unlikely to reject their beliefs:
   It’s more likely that the machine is wrong.

Even though… It is still possible to write
   All the dogma into the machine’s memory manually.
And it’s not that difficult either,
   However, there’s a chance that the computer might break…